Experts Say This Is The Best Way To Start Saving Money

What is the best way to start saving money? Many experts agree that the 30-day rule is worth trying out, as it will not only bring you a lot of benefits but also help you learn quite a few important things about budgeting.

So, what is this rule all about?

How Does The 30-Day Rule Work?

Originally, the 30-day rule was created as a solution to curb impulsive purchases. Even small purchases that you have never planned can mess up your budget a lot.

But impulse buying is not only about the money that you spend. It is also about the actual habit and the meaning behind it. If you are not disciplined enough to stop yourself from buying unnecessary items, then how are you going to follow a money-saving strategy that can sometimes last a lifetime?

The best way to start saving money is extremely simple and straightforward – if you see something that you want to buy, wait for 30 days before actually making the purchase.

The great news is that you will get to buy the item in a month…if you still want it.

The Best Way To Start Saving Money: What You Need To Do

Create Shopping Lists

To make sure the 30-day rule starts working its magic, you need to develop a habit of creating shopping lists. Come up with a list every time you go shopping. If you notice something in the store that you have not written down – apply the 30-day rule to the item. The main purpose here is to avoid impulse buying.

Put Money Aside

Let’s say you have spotted a great T-shirt that you potentially want to buy in a month. Don’t wait for the actual day to get the money out of your wallet; put the exact sum aside the day you have discovered the item (ideally, choose an investment account).

best way to start saving money

You still want the T-shirt in 30 days? Your budget is 100% prepared for the purchase. By the way, the item might already be on sale when you come back to buy it.

What Are You Going To Learn?

Aside from saving you a small fortune, the best way to start saving money that we encourage you to try has a few other important benefits.


The best way to start saving money will help you learn delayed gratification. If you decide to buy the item after waiting for 30 days, you will be able to fully appreciate the moment and the actual purchase.

Decision-Making Abilities

Without impulse purchases, you will have a whole month to think about whether you actually need the item or not, weigh up all the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’. You are going to need this skill in many other life spheres as well.


Finally, the 30-day rule teaches you discipline that will, ultimately, make your life a lot easier. Unfortunately, even the people who know about the best way to start saving money are not entirely protected against different emergency situations.

What If The Unexpected Happens?

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got a car title loan completely online

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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