8 Fun Cheap Things To Do In Springfield, MO

Located in the south of Missouri, Springfield is a city filled with endless possibilities. Also known as the 'Queen City of the Ozarks' and 'The 417', it is a place that holds several attractions for its visitors. One can find nature, history, and wildlife here, making it a perfect road trip destination. Springfield's best part is that a trip to this fantastic city won't make a dent in your wallet.

Let's take a look at the 8 fun cheap things to do in Springfield MO for a truly unforgettable experience.

Here Are Fun Cheap Things To Do In Springfield, MO

Springfield Botanical Gardens

A beautiful botanical garden stretching over an area of 112 acres, this is a must-see part of Springfield that is completely free. If you appreciate greenery, flowers, gardening, and lush areas, you will love Springfield Botanical Gardens. There are flowerbeds, trees, as well as vegetable gardens here. Plus, you can take a stroll through the walking trails and appreciate nature at its finest. These gardens also make a memorable picnic spot.

The World's Largest Fork

For those up for some quirky fun, the World's Largest Fork is a pretty cool spot. It features an actual, giant fork that you can stop by. Plus, it happens to be a super Instagrammable place. This hidden gem definitely has a place on our fun cheap things to do in Springfield MO list.

Mother's Brewing Company

Beer lovers cannot miss this experience when in Springfield. Visiting the brewery is one of the most fun cheap things to do in Springfield MO. Anyone can visit the brewery and enjoy a complete tour of the plant. Anyone older than 21 can also indulge in beer tasting. The tasting room is well-made, complete with plaques indicating the type, alcohol level, and price of the beers available at the time. The taproom is a must-visit for beer fans and the entire experience at the venue is worth it.

Springfield Art Museum

Art enthusiasts would love to take a look at the masterpieces held at the Springfield Art Museum. It is enriched with cultural works and pieces hailing from Southwest Missouri. The collection of permanent art consists of more than 10,000 pieces, ranging from watercolors to sculptures and more. For an outdoor experience, you can head to the grounds and appreciate the outdoor Sculpture Garden here.

NRA National Sporting Arms Museum

Springfield has something for everyone. If you're someone who loves guns and arms, then head to the National Sporting Arms Museum and you'll be in for a treat. You will find some of the rarest firearms here as well historically significant guns. This cool space holds centuries of history and stories of the past that anyone would relish. It is one of the most fun cheap things to do in Springfield MO for sure.

The Library Center

A grand library filled with books and a variety of music and art; this is another great place to chill and unwind. The library center has a lovely, buzzing atmosphere and you can spend hours here without getting bored. It has revolving displays, CDs, as well as Internet access. That's not all. You can also lounge in the gourmet coffee shop or stop by the cute gift shop. On top of that, there is a dedicated children's section and a tech-savvy teen room too.

Concerts, movies, lectures, events, this center is a happening place. When looking for fun cheap things to do in Springfield MO, this will always be a worthy option.

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