4 Ways To Get Money Fast

Hustling for quick cash was already hard enough without all the troubles that 2020 has brought, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are several unique ways to get fast cash in Missouri, ways you might have not considered yet that would be very helpful.

In this article, we will be talking about ways in which your old stuff could make you money, how googling “title loans near me” could benefit you, and side gigs that could be the difference between you and the money you need.

Get cash fast - 4 easy ways

1. Get Money For Junk

Before we do anything extra, let us first put to rest the extraneous possessions of the past. Do you need that stack of board games you haven’t touched in a year? You have two old phones in your drawer, are both necessary as backups? What about all those clothes?

Selling your junk is not only a good way to make a little cash, but it’s also a nice way to clear up your home. Let’s consider how you can make the most of this loss.

Selling Your Clothes For Cash

What do you wear these days? Some people have the unique sense to wear everything they have, but not all of us cycle through the whole wardrobe. It might not be a bad idea to clean out your closet, because if you haven’t worn that dress in the past year, then how useful is it? 

Here in Missouri, you can bring your clothes to stores like Plato’s Closet, and you might make more than just a few bucks if it’s designer threads. You can also use online resources like Instagram or Facebook—it’s a win-win when you make money off things you don’t need.

Pawnshops and Second-Hand Stores

Your spring cleaning (or summer, winter, and fall cleaning) doesn’t have to stop at clothes. If you have extra cellphones lying around or other electronics you no longer find yourself using, you can sell them at a pawnshop or even a little thing called an ecoATM. You can also take any books collecting dust, furniture, or tools to second-hand stores where they research your items to evaluate their worth and offer you a little under that total for everything you have brought.

2. Small Jobs for Fast Cash

You’re working a full-time job, forty hours a week, but that’s still not giving you the cash you need. Whether it’s for your monthly budget, your savings, or that medical bill that’s suddenly cropped up, what you’re making isn’t going to cut it—so let’s consider working a little extra. You could of course go the traditional route and get an extra part-time job, but there are other ways to hustle cash fast.

Make Money Off Car And Home

Like I said before, there are so many resources at our disposal to make money that are surprisingly easy to manage. Take, for example, renting your home out on Airbnb.

Airbnb is a website that manages the advertising, organizing, and safety aspects of using your home as a mini-hotel. You can even limit your availability to a single room in your home if you do not have anywhere else to stay, and so long as you don’t mind the stranger in your home, it makes for a wonderful way to make money on the side.

Similarly, you can use your car to make deliveries for food or as a taxi without having to do much more than open an account on an app like Instacart or Lyft. So long as your car and driving history isn't horrendous, you can easily sign yourself up and work when you like.
In cities like St. Louis or places where large events happen, you can stack up your cash count pretty quickly in a short amount of time. If you can’t maneuver a traditional part-time job around your full-time job, then making your hours through this process might work best to make cash quickly.

Walking the Dog

Some ways to make a little more sometimes circle back to childhood—walking the dog, mowing the lawn, babysitting, etc. There are apps now for dog walkers and websites dedicated to tutoring from home, so there’s some leeway to sell yourself in these areas. You might find yourself making a lot of money in the tutoring and babysitting business as well, as the hourly rate for these jobs can become quite high when parents are desperate for assistance with their children.

3. Save Your Money

One of the quickest ways to make money is to save it. It might sound simple, but as we all know, if it was, then we’d all have nice fat savings accounts; however, there are small habits you can form that will make this process more fruitful.

  • Determine if your wants are needs
  • Create an automatic withdrawal of a set amount from each paycheck into a savings account
  • Budget by separating expenses with cash in envelopes and do not spend beyond the amount set aside
  • Consider an expensive purchase for 24 hours before buying to determine if it is necessary
  • Make your lunch instead of buying it
  • Go generic on products including over-the-counter medicine
  • Keep the sun out of your home to make your home cooler and use the AC less
  • Keep aware of your spending and saving on apps such as Mint, where you can also make a spending limit and track where you’re wasting money most



4. Title Loans Near Me

Title loan places allow those with poor credit or those with very little access to money to potentially have access to more readily available and usable financial assistance. Those with poor credit who need financial assistance can apply for title loans online or over the phone, convenient for the current climate, and be considered even with poor credit. You’re able to complete the form online, receive the money you need, and make payments—all from the comfort of your own home.

Title loans in Missouri are useful for emergencies or one-time financial assistance situations for fast cash. Or, if necessary, installment loans can also help over time with periods of no loan in between. Those in desperate situations can quickly access this money and put it towards a medical bill, emergency repair, or whatever other financial stressor is occurring.
Title Loan Application Process:
  1. Select your store of choice from our location webpage
  2. Fill out your car title loan application online on our webpage
  3. Talk with a Missouri Title Loans representative when they call you 
  4. Drive to the Missouri Title Loans location of your choice with the documentation you need
  5. Wait a short amount of time while the representative appraises your vehicle.
  6. Get your cash!

Installment Loan (In-store):

  1. To get started, simply click the over-the-phone button and fill out the Missouri installment loan request form.
  2. You’ll be contacted by a nearby Missouri Title Loans, Inc. representative, who will help get you started.
  3. Just make sure you have the required items to see if you qualify.

Installment Loan (Online):

Missouri Title Loans, Inc. can help! Click the online installment loan button on this page and get started today to get the extra money you need. 

Get Help Today With Missouri Title Loans

Missouri Title Loans, Inc. is located all across Missouri, including St. Louis, Sullivan, Springfield, and more. You can find title loans online regardless of your location in Missouri on the Missouri Title Loans, Inc. website. Before googling “title loans near me”, you can check out more information about title loans on the Missouri Title Loans, Inc. locations page.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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