6 Tips For A Lower Energy Bill Next Month

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Energy bills have gone up exponentially for a number of reasons in recent months. A lot of people are struggling with these increases. That’s why we’re going to cover some top tips to have a lower energy bill.

Tips To Lower Your Energy Bill

Tip 1. Shorter Showers

Your shower uses a surprising amount of energy to bring the water up to a nice, comfy temperature. You can enjoy a lower energy bill by either lowering the shower temperature a little or making your shower a little shorter. Even shaving off a few minutes and reducing the temperature by a couple of degrees can make a big difference.

It’s also worth looking into water-saving shower heads.


Tip 2. Turn Off Standby

If you constantly flick your TV and other devices into standby mode instead of turning them off properly when you’ve finished using them, you’re increasing your power bill considerably. Most devices still consume quite a lot of power when they’re in standby mode, especially older tech.

Turn devices off at the outlet, and you’ll find you save money on your bills.

Tip 3. Reduce Your Laundry

A lot of people wash clothes before they really need it. You might toss things straight in the hamper, but if you pause and check, you may find that you could get another wear or two out of them. Obviously, you don’t want to re-wear clothes that smell or are visibly stained, but often, a shirt can last for more than one day, and jeans certainly can.

Try to check whether clothes actually need washing before you add them to your washing machine and make an effort to wear things multiple times. The great news is that doing this can cut down on housework and make your clothes last longer, as well as give you a lower energy bill.

Tip 4. Use Energy Saving Bulbs

You can purchase LED bulbs for your home, and you will use less energy. It’s easy to swap the bulbs as they die, and the great news is that LEDs last longer, as well as being cheaper to run.

It’s still important to turn lights off when you leave a room so you aren’t using unnecessary power, but LED bulbs use a lot less overall. If you’re not great at remembering to turn the lights off, this trick is a particularly valuable one.

Tip 5. Check Your Seals

There are a lot of seals in your house, from your fridge and freezer to your window frames and door frames. Check that they are working well. Having a good seal prevents air from flowing, which reduces energy loss – and in turn, gives you a lower energy bill.

If your fridge or freezer won’t seal properly, you’re essentially paying to chill your home. Likewise, if you have an unsealed window or door, you’re paying to heat the outdoors. Check and replace seals regularly to make the most of the energy you do use.

Tip 6. Use Appliances On Full

Make sure you’re getting the maximum value out of your dishwasher, washing machine, etc., by only running an appliance when it is full. Don’t turn it on half-full, and then have to load it up again later.

Of course, you do want to check what the maximum loads are, as overfilling a washing machine can damage the drum and may prevent the clothes from washing properly. However, you don’t want to run the machine when it only has a few socks and a towel in it, or you’re wasting precious energy, and making more work for yourself.

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A lot of people are struggling to meet rising costs, so use these tips to enjoy a lower energy bill. In the meantime, get in touch for an installment loan today.

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