Secure Your Funds Before The New Year With A Quick Application For A Title Loan 

Between Christmas and New Year is one of the busiest times here at Missouri Title Loans, Inc. because plenty of people want to secure their funds right before another year begins. We all know that the holidays can be very costly due to buying presents, traveling to see loved ones, and hosting various dinners and events.

People don’t want to welcome the new year empty-handed, so they take out short-term loans like title loans. In this article, let’s learn about title loans, their benefits, and how they can help you begin the new year financially stable.

How Can You Secure Emergency Funds Before The New Year With A Title Loan?

What Are Title Loans?

A title loan, also called a car or vehicle loan, is a short-term loan wherein you give the lender the title of your vehicle as collateral to borrow money. The vehicle can be a car, motorcycle, or truck. Loan amounts and repayment terms vary depending on the lender. State laws also have a say. 

Title loans are typically between 25 to 50 percent of your car’s value, with a usual amount between a few hundred dollars to $10,000, with some lenders offering even more. These loans are usually used to finance an immediate expense and are not ideal for long-term financial problems.

Title loans are a great option if you need access to some quick cash to take care of urgent expenses such as an unexpected trip to the doctor, an emergency car repair, or other time-sensitive financial obligations.

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What Are The Benefits Of Title Loans?

Many people opt to get title loans because of its ease and convenience. Here are some of its other notable benefits:

  • Instant Access To Cash: A title loan is one of the quickest, most convenient ways to access some quick cash in times of need. If you own your car outright, you can pursue a title loan. With your lien-free title ready, you can begin the process and receive your emergency money on the day you apply or the following business day--at the latest. 
  • Quick Processing Time: The application and approval process for title loans are typically straightforward. If you have complete requirements, you will get the cash right away.
  • Your Car Won’t Be Used As Collateral: With title loans, lenders only require a lien-free car title under your name. You get to keep your car and use it in full authority.
  • Credit Score Doesn’t Matter: As mentioned, title loan lenders only require a car title - there is no need for any guarantors or good credit scores.
  • Convenient Repayment Terms: Most lenders offer convenient payback schemes and various installment plan options from which the borrower can choose depending on their convenience.

How Can I Apply For A Title Loan?

One of the most significant advantages of title loans is that the application and approval processes are quick and easy. It’s no different at Missouri Title Loans, Inc. We offer two ways to get your loan started:

Online Application

We understand how busy the holidays are for everyone. If you need to take out a loan but can’t find time due to a busy schedule, we offer the convenience of an online application where no store visits are required - one of our friendly agents will come to your preferred location.

In four easy steps, you can get the cash you need from a title loan:

  1. Fill out our online application form here on our website. Ensure you have the requirements: a valid ID (your driver’s license or a state-issued ID) and a car title in your name.
  2. Wait for a call from one of our representatives, who will get the rest of the needed details.
  3. Once you're approved, our agent will meet you anywhere you choose, verify the required documents, perform a quick inspection of your car, and ask you to sign some documents.  
  4. the cash will be deposited to your bank account within the next business day when the final documents are signed. We offer up to $15,000 in emergency cash.

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In-Store Application

We have plenty of store locations throughout Missouri, so you can choose to get your loan started in the one nearest you. To speed up the process, you can fill out the online form on our website and wait for one of our agents to call you.

You can then drive up to one of our locations nearest you (you can select your store of choice from our location webpage) so that you know. When you arrive, our agent will conduct a brief car inspection, finish up the process by asking you to sign some documents, and then you get your cash. 

Secure Your Emergency Funds Today!

It’s a good feeling to welcome the new year without worrying about money. If you have an urgent expense that you need to take care of before the year ends, consider applying for a title loan from us. This way, you can start anew financially and enjoy the New Year celebrations!


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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