What Can I Make For Cheap For The Super Bowl?

Missouri Title Loans, Inc. is as excited as everybody about the upcoming Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. As friends and family gather at Super Bowl parties to watch Patrick Mahomes take his first snap, we’ve put together some top tips and suggestions for everybody who wants to organize a get-together without spending considerable money.

Plenty of ideas are out there, and you can have a fantastic party without splashing out in significant ways – so let’s run through a list of top DIY makes that you can throw together in time for your big party.

Our Top Cheap Super Bowl DIY Ideas

plate of food for super bowl party

1. Football Banner

A football banner is a straightforward decoration if you’ve got some scrap paper and string. Cut some football shapes from brown paper, add the classic white tag in the center, and string them on a wire. You can add some colored tassels in between to brighten things up a bit or cut out some t-shirt shapes in your favorite team’s colors.

Quick, simple, and practical, this is a DIY anybody can achieve, and it doesn’t take long to throw together. If you don’t have paper, you can also use a heavy fabric like felt. Stringing it along the wall above your couch will look great as you root for the Chiefs on game day.

2. Football-Themed Food

You can save a lot of money by making some of your food rather than ordering takeout for all your guests – and it has the added benefit of being customizable! There are many options, but how about chocolate-dipped strawberries with white icing to complete the “ball”?

Alternatively, get some oval-shaped rolls, add some strips of pale cheese to the top in the traditional stripes, and stuff a good old burger inside. It is simple and delicious, and everybody will enjoy it. Don’t forget the vegan options, of course!

Cupcakes in your favorite team’s colors can also work. In essence, get creative and make your food part of the decorating!

3. Create DIY Shuffleboard

Do you love playing shuffleboard? You can make your very own game! It would be best to have a piece of wood, some paint, and a pen to assemble an NFL-looking game that all your guests can play. You can get some generic counters or use M&Ms or another colorful candy, ensuring everybody who has a go at this is a winner and gets something tasty to enjoy.

4. Make Super Bowl Bingo

Bingo is a solid classic for a reason, and you can easily create your own Super Bowl bingo by drawing up or printing out some bingo scorecards for all your guests to enjoy while the big game is going on.

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