Wholehearted Valentine's Day Ideas for a Light Budget

Are you a true romantic? Do you have that special someone who makes the thought of celebrating your love for one another exciting? Well, here is your chance. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, but for many of us, the hectic schedule that life dictates makes it hard to put the time and effort into your relationship. Add to that the expense, overblown expectations and the hassle of going out on a Wednesday night to a crowded restaurant - the whole idea suddenly seems futile.

Hmm…so what can you do? The most common ways to acknowledge the significance of the day and your love for one another are with flowers, chocolate, fine dining and jewelry, but your relationship may not be all that conventional or your budget that accommodating. Making plans for Valentine’s Day while you’re on a tight budget can take all the fun out of it. If your heart wants to shower your loved one with gifts but your budget won’t allow it, take heart! There are countless low-cost ways to show your love.

The definition of love is an intense feeling of deep affection for someone. It’s not something that cannot be bought. Developing real love takes commitment, understanding, tenderness and intimacy, none of which you can purchase, so there is no need to stress over being short on cash. Take a look below for some ideas on how you can have an amazing Valentine’s Day on a budget.

Stay In

Set the mood with candles, rose petals, and a nice bottle of wine. You can transform your home into a romantic setting without impacting your budget in a large way by creating an atmosphere that bursts with thoughtfulness, love and passion.

Make Dinner

No need to go out when you have access to a kitchen and all the ingredients to enjoy a quiet, intimate dinner for two at home. It is much more romantic than sharing such a special day with a room full of strangers in a restaurant, and half the fun is making your favorite meal together.

Pack a Picnic

If the weather doesn’t permit, it’s not a problem. You can picnic just about anywhere you and your love can throw down a blanket and enjoy a meal together. Pack up your favorites, whether that is champagne and fruit, wine and cheese, or a meatball sandwich. The point is spending time together, enjoying each other’s company.

No Phones

You might want to consider putting the cell phone away for the evening and focus on what is really important. If you are usually glued to your phone, why not break free from the endless stream of emails, alerts, tweets and ads for a title loan for one night to make the experience even more special? No interruptions, no distractions – just you and your sweetheart giving each other your full, undivided attention.

Use Your Imagination

Think about the one you love and what they really appreciate. It can be something you could give as a gift or a special memory you would like to create, or even recreate. There are tons of ideas online, so don’t be afraid to do some searching if you’re having trouble coming up with something. Nothing says “love” more than taking the time to make something special for your partner. It is a heartfelt sentiment that will be treasured and kept as a keepsake to remember this Valentine’s Day.