7 Cheap Tips to Use on Your Garden this Spring

Have you discovered your green thumb yet? With heart disease, diabetes, and obesity plaguing our nation, using your abilities to plant a garden full of fresh healthy produce is a great way to help inspire a healthier version of yourself and your family members. Eating fresh is one of the best non-medical ways to help avoid sickness and chronic health problems. So many Americans today are suffering from the effects preservatives in our foods have on our bodies. Gardening your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables is a smart and easy way to control exactly what you are putting in your body, and you can also save a few bucks in the process.

Serve Up Some Beer

A great way to get rid of those pesky slugs that love to feast on your veggies is to offer them a little bowl of beer in your garden. While it is a shame to kill a living thing, if you want them to stay out of your garden, this is a great way to do it without using any harmful chemicals. Just think of it this way, those poor slugs are going out with a bang. Drink up, you slimy garden pests!

Coffee Anyone

Another way to keep those annoying insects away from your prized plants is to sprinkle coffee grinds throughout your garden. Once again, this is a natural way of ridding yourself of the usual garden pests without using any chemicals that can damage the environment, kill beneficial pollinators and endanger your health.

Walking on Eggshells

Enrich your soil and plants with calcium by placing crushed up eggshells around the base of your plants. The element calcium is essential for healthy plant cell growth, and it can also help to repel insects invading your garden. It is a quick and easy fix that doesn't cost you anything. You and your family can enjoy the healthy protein the eggs provide, and your plant gleans the benefit of the shells they come in.

Freezer Fresh

If you find that your herbs like rosemary, sage, thyme, and oregano are growing faster than you can use them, freeze in their freshness with olive oil and an ice cube tray to use whenever you need them. The process is extremely easy - just fill the compartments of an ice cube tray with your diced herbs and pour in enough extra virgin olive oil to cover them. Then, simply pop them in the freezer. Your herbs will remain fresh indefinitely, and they are ready to use in a moments notice.

Save the Earth One Step at a Time

Need planters, water cans, and other accessories to take care of your beautiful garden? Try repurposing items from your kitchen and around the house instead of buying new. For example, an empty milk carton can be used as a watering can for your garden. Simply poke small holes in the cap of the milk carton and fill with water. It is a great way to avoid spending extra cash or polluting the environment with more plastic. Another trick you can use is using a mason jar, egg carton, or bucket to plant seeds instead of purchasing a starter tray or planter pots.

These are just a few easy ways to help you save money on your garden this spring, and this is only the beginning. If you have yet to plant your first seed, why wait any longer? Spending a few dollars now can save you hundreds of dollars at the grocery store later. If you need some extra cash to get things started, then you may want to explore some alternative ways of funding your project. For example, auto title loans are a fast and easy way to get the money you need without going into credit card debt. Find out how you can get the cash you need just by owning a vehicle. They are also good for other financial challenges because just as there is no garden without weeds, there is also no life without difficulties. Happy gardening!